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I have written some blogs for sites and contributed to people’s blogs, this is where you’ll find every blog I’ve guest written/contributed to. I’ll update this every time I write a new one!

Time To Change – I wrote a blog post for them related to their #InYourCorner campaign, and the post was about a friend of mine, who was in my corner and helped me get help with my mental health.

You can find the post here.

PetalsOfPerfection – A good friend of mine made a blog post about anxiety, and she included a tweet of mine, it’s a really good post. You can find it here.

Mental Movement Magazine – I am a Contributing Editor for Mental movement, and this is my first post. It is all about my MH story. You can find it here.

The Counsellors Cafe – I wrote a post for them about my CBT sessions overall, and how hard it was at first. you can read it here.