Helpful sites

Mind is a UK mental health charity, the website features an A-Z on mental health, resources and stories that sufferers of mental health problems have submitted.

Time-to-change is a charity, led by Rethink mental illness and Mind. The aim of the charity is to raise mental health awareness and rid the stigma of mental health and things related to mental health. There are a lot of stories written by people who have struggled with their mental health and people say they relate to the stories.
Rethink mental illness is also a UK mental health charity. They provide advice for people who are struggling with their mental health, they also have information on diagnosis and treatment for mental health conditions such as bipolar disorder, anxiety disorders and much more.

7cups is a site that you can use if you feel like you need to talk and get things off your chest, but have no one to talk to. The site trains volunteer listeners (I am one myself!) They also offer therapy as well, which you have to pay for but to talk to a listener is totally free, also you can train to be one for free and help people!

Headmeds¬†(ran by youngminds) is an excellent site if you need information about medication for your mental health. I used the website when I got told the anti-depressants I may be on. I don’t recommend looking up side effects. However, the website has good information which might help you! The site also has information on conditions, such as anorexia, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and a load more!

Youngminds is a charity for children and adolescent mental health. It has excellent information for children about mental illnesses and information about mental health services in the UK. It has information and advice for parents to support their child and such, it also has a parents helpline.