(Photo) The Milky Way

A photograph of the milky way galaxy.
TargetThe Milky Way Galaxy
Date TakenAugust 11th, 2023
PhotographerLiam Murray
Filemilky_way.jpg (19.7 MB)
Total Exposure Time18 minutes, 52 seconds
Photo Specsf/4 – ISO 800 – 283×4-second exposures
Camera and Lens SpecsNikon Z6 II – 25mm
Calibration and Processing35 bias – 25 darks – 40 flats – processed in Sequator (no post)
Other Remarks– 21st astrophotography session
– taken from an unusually dark location
– odd distortion in top right corner of image
– appears much dimmer in real life, but still impressive

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